Fair, wise, close

law 2
law 4law 5Strange laws are always good for a giggle and a huh! Of course there are many strange laws in the Bible, ones written for a particular time for God’s people. We could highlight the difficulties of some of these or we could allow Jesus to summarise them for us – “Love God, love others” – and if we do that we will show others how ‘wise’ we are. (Wise means being having the best, its about value and importance – its not about mas
sive knowledge).
Read Deut 4:8 – which seems to be difficult to show on its own, so we need to look at verses 5-8…

law 3

Deuteronomy 4:5-8¬† No other nation has laws that are as fair as the ones the Lord my God told me to give you. If you faithfully obey them when you enter the land, you will show other nations how wise you are. In fact, everyone that hears about your laws will say, “That great nation certainly is wise!” And what makes us greater¬†than other nations? We have a God who is close to us and answers our prayers.

And what makes us even greater?

A God who is close and answers prayers… isn’t that amazing – God is amazing and awesome, AND he is close and wanting to hear you pray.

law 1


So instead of sleeping on fridges, or upsetting monarchs, or tickling women – why not spend a bit of time each time speaking to God?

law 6

Sea-cow or badger


Over these they are to spread a scarlet cloth, cover that with hides of sea cows and put its poles in place.
Numbers 4:8

Sometimes it is fun to look at different versions of the Bible – for different ones say the scarlet cloth is to be covered with the skins of sea-cow, goat, badger, manatee, dolphin and porpoise – some just say fine leather! ok, so I might get confused between a dolphin, manatee, sea-cow or porpoise – but surely I would know a badger or goat? Quick quiz – name the two animals below…


Numbers is a fascinating read – well not really, but the attention to detail is amazing – God wants his people to take amazing care of what is holy – and this chapter is about the care of the most holy things…

And guess what – you are holy! So take care of yourself! You are amazing… more amazing than this guy…11384060843


The 48 journey begins – into His arms of love


Hang on, what about some sort of temptation, of weighing up the consequences, or struggling with conscience. What about method, plot, schematics, hiding of murder weapon, disposing of the body – no nothing – just a straightforward result of jealousy!

The next verse shows us God is not into 45 minute (allowing 15 minutes for adverts) plots. He simply asks Cain “Where is your brother Abel?” Cain replies in that familiar biblical phrase “ur-er-na”

Did you know apart from the curse he told Adam and Eve, the first things God said to people after the fruit had been eaten were all questions.

  • Where are you? (Gen 3:9) as Adam and Eve hid
  • Who told you that you were naked? (Gen 3:11)
  • What is this you have done? (Gen 3:13)
  • Why are you so angry? (Gen 4:6) After God had not looked on Cain’s offering with favour
  • Where is your brother? (Gen 4:9)

God gave that first family the best possible start in life, but they wrecked it – how quickly did that first murder take place – but is God asking you these same questions?

Where are you? Are you hiding from me? You don’t need to

Who told you that you were sinful, that you were bad, worthless? You are not, you are made in my image, you are so valuable

What is it you have done? Come before me and tell me, I am ready to forgive.

Why are you so angry, so low, so bitter, so jealous, so….? I want the best for you – let it go!

Where is your brother? Actually for now lets forgot about others – what about you? Will you return to my arms of love?


why 48?

cropped-logo.jpgThe Bible is great and here’s a chance to learn and be inspired by words of wisdom from it… and thoughts of less wise people!

But why 48? Well it is the address of the church! 48 Havant Road – so many years ago, we got this domain name… But what do we do with it? After years of inactivity, why not make it a place for young people to come and be inspired and encourage one another…?

One way will be going through the Bible looking at Chapter 4 and verse 8s… could be fun, some of them are very strange, some are powerful and some intriguing. So keep coming back to discover the story of the Bible told through seemingly random verses!!! Of course other imaginative and creative posts will be put here too…