The 48 journey begins – into His arms of love


Hang on, what about some sort of temptation, of weighing up the consequences, or struggling with conscience. What about method, plot, schematics, hiding of murder weapon, disposing of the body – no nothing – just a straightforward result of jealousy!

The next verse shows us God is not into 45 minute (allowing 15 minutes for adverts) plots. He simply asks Cain “Where is your brother Abel?” Cain replies in that familiar biblical phrase “ur-er-na”

Did you know apart from the curse he told Adam and Eve, the first things God said to people after the fruit had been eaten were all questions.

  • Where are you? (Gen 3:9) as Adam and Eve hid
  • Who told you that you were naked? (Gen 3:11)
  • What is this you have done? (Gen 3:13)
  • Why are you so angry? (Gen 4:6) After God had not looked on Cain’s offering with favour
  • Where is your brother? (Gen 4:9)

God gave that first family the best possible start in life, but they wrecked it – how quickly did that first murder take place – but is God asking you these same questions?

Where are you? Are you hiding from me? You don’t need to

Who told you that you were sinful, that you were bad, worthless? You are not, you are made in my image, you are so valuable

What is it you have done? Come before me and tell me, I am ready to forgive.

Why are you so angry, so low, so bitter, so jealous, so….? I want the best for you – let it go!

Where is your brother? Actually for now lets forgot about others – what about you? Will you return to my arms of love?