Stop and put a marker in the sand

Joshua becomes leader, he is told to be brave, a prostitute helps spies escape from Jericho,  the people march to the Jordan river, it doesn’t stop flowing until their feet touch the water, they walk across on dry land, they walk round the walls and Jericho is theirs… an action packed first 6 chapters in Joshua…

But it doesn’t quite happen like that, after they walk through the river, the people stop to record, to commemorate, to remember God’s great blessings… this helped the people to reflect.


The men followed the instructions that the LORD had given Joshua. They picked up twelve rocks, one for each tribe, and carried them to the camp, where they put them down. Joshua 4:8

Here the stones serve as both “sign” and “memorial”. They authenticate that the past event actually happened and remind Israel of its continuing significance for later generations. But the stones bear no inscription. Instead, the simple mound will cause curious Israelite children to ask in the future, “What do these stones mean?”

What could you make, write, create, wear that reminds you of God’s blessing and encourages others to ask you good questions? Shoes with wings? An origami tissue? A stone with holes…?


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