Lone Ranger or Partners together?

Am I a lone ranger? Or someone who wants people by my side? Well it seems God wants us to stand strong, to be faithful where he enables us and he also wants us to work with others, to have a partner…

The stories from Judges are filled with accounts of heroism and daring, of deceit and faith.As we get to chapter 4 and verse 8 we meet Deborah, a prophet, who has just told Barak that God will help him to defeat the enemy. So what is Barak’s response? Does he doubt the words of Deborah? Does he ignore them and say he will win without the Lord’s help? No – he simply says to Deborah, “I’m not going unless you go!” Judges 4:8

Is this weakness? Yes I know God will help me but it would be good to have you with me…

Is this wisdom? Yes, God has promised we will win, I want you to be here to keep giving me words of wisdom, I can’t do this without you, we are all a part of God’s army, let’s stay together…

Is this sensible? Two leaders – a leader of troops (tactics) and a spiritual leader (inspiration) together are powerful…

Is this good for Deborah? Without this she could have got too comfortable sitting under her┬átree giving wisdom…

It is interesting that the response from God is not to take away the victory from Barak – but it was going to be a woman who struck the final blow on the enemy king – she would get the honour. Perhaps this seems to suggest that God had wanted Barak to stand up and do what was right – on his own, having heard the words from Deborah, he needed faith and commitment…

If you want to know how a woman wins the battle… all I can say is that it involves a tent peg, a hammer and a hole in the head!

And remember, even the Lone Ranger had a side-kick.


So when does God want you to stand alone, to be strong and decisive?

And when is he asking you to work with others?

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