Fair, wise, close

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law 4law 5Strange laws are always good for a giggle and a huh! Of course there are many strange laws in the Bible, ones written for a particular time for God’s people. We could highlight the difficulties of some of these or we could allow Jesus to summarise them for us – “Love God, love others” – and if we do that we will show others how ‘wise’ we are. (Wise means being having the best, its about value and importance – its not about mas
sive knowledge).
Read Deut 4:8 – which seems to be difficult to show on its own, so we need to look at verses 5-8…

law 3

Deuteronomy 4:5-8¬† No other nation has laws that are as fair as the ones the Lord my God told me to give you. If you faithfully obey them when you enter the land, you will show other nations how wise you are. In fact, everyone that hears about your laws will say, “That great nation certainly is wise!” And what makes us greater¬†than other nations? We have a God who is close to us and answers our prayers.

And what makes us even greater?

A God who is close and answers prayers… isn’t that amazing – God is amazing and awesome, AND he is close and wanting to hear you pray.

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So instead of sleeping on fridges, or upsetting monarchs, or tickling women – why not spend a bit of time each time speaking to God?

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